The Mission:

Be Aware.

SCARS, Inc. aims to bring a visual Awareness to domestic violence, promote Healthy relationships, and to Educate on all forms of domestic abuse.

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We Believe!

...that everyone deserves to live free of domestic violence and sexual abuse - and that those who experience acts of domestic violence or sexual assault should have accessibility to the treatment, counseling and care they deserve to heal their trauma.


Get Urgent Support

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing domestic violence or sexual abuse, and immediate assistance is needed - whether in the form of counseling, housing, or support for children - PLEASE fill out our Crisis Intake Form, and someone will reach out to you immediately.


Privacy First

We take every caution in contacting you, as we understand the privacy needed in going through these experiences.


support for children

When children are impacted and need support, we deploy every resource to help parents provide for their loved ones.


network of advocates

Through our network of advocates, we can assist with anything from food and shelter to transportation and counseling.



The Fayetteville Observer of Fayetteville, North Carolina recently presented its 2019 Honorees for the Top 40 Under 40 Community Leaders - SCARS, Inc. is proud to be represented on this amazing list! Congratulation to Ch-Hara Pearson for the outstanding work you have done with SCARS!

Read more about the past event here.


Hurt, healing & happiness

Life After Trauma

Event Presented By SCARS, Inc. 



Get Involved

Supporting our victims of domestic and sexual abuse is a full-time job - one that couldn't be possible without the love and support from other community members and organizations. There are many ways to support SCARS, Inc. to help us with our goals of serving as advocates to abuse victims.


Donate Supplies

We accept everything from clothing and toiletries to non-perishable food - all donated to those in need.

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers who can assist during partnered programs and other needs we have for our victims.

Financial Pledge

No amount is too small - we accept all financial donations and your gift will go towards a survivor in need of our help.